In 1998, eight individuals in Korea came together to form a b-boy team called BL CREW. They won awards in dance performance competitions and battle competitions, becoming well-known in the early 2000s. One of the members, Mr. Moon, lacked strength but had an appreciation for rhythmic music. Unfortunately, the group faced financial problems and eventually disbanded, with each member going their separate ways.

Despite the difficulties while working part-time at a hamburger store, Mr. Moon continued to dance and learn locking and tap dance to expand his repertoire.

Inspired from his never-give-up spirit.

BL BBOW CREW used to be an underground b-boy team.

They were active in the Korean dance scene and participated in various dance competitions and showcases.

BL CREW B-BOY TEAM LEADER was deeply impressed by Mr. Moon's philosophy of never giving up.

However, Mr. Moon's life took a difficult turn when he was diagnosed with blood cancer just three months later. His brother decided to launch the street fashion brand "LOCKING MOON" as a way to help cover the cost of Mr. Moon's medical expenses.

Fortunately, his blood cancer diagnosis turned out to be a misdiagnosis.


In an academic sense, the term 'locking the moon' (Tidal locking) refers to only seeing one side of the moon from the earth. Similarly, we can only see the glamorous appearances of singers, entertainers, celebrities, businessmen, and the rich.

But there may be a lot of effort and pain behind their splendid appearance. LOCKING MOON encourages us to look beyond the surface and appreciate the depth and complexity of each individual's story.

Thus, "LOCKING MOON" represents more than just fashion. It's a brand that symbolizes perseverance, determination, and a deep appreciation for the hard work and passion that drives us.