Once the world's leading dancer and artist, his life crumbled with the loss of his parents, a misdiagnosis of blood cancer, and the relentless grip of COVID-19. But, like you, he refused to give up, persevering until the end.

Born with innate artistic talent, he grappled with a lack of social connections and economic acumen, leading to a challenging life.

Yet, his work lives on through the Locking Moon brand. Discover a truly unique limited edition, an inspiration for the brand's creation, unlike anything you've seen before.

The Journey of Soul

The brand name "LOCKING MOON" symbolizes a person who never gives up on their dream, no matter the difficulties they may face. In an academic sense, the term 'tidal locking' refers to seeing only one side of the moon from Earth. Similarly, we often only see the splendid appearance of singers, celebrities, businessmen, and wealthy people.

However, if we look beyond their visible side, we can find the profound efforts and challenges that shape their journey. There is a lot of effort that goes into the challenges, successes, and failures we experience in life, and we believe that all of these efforts are worthwhile. "LOCKING MOON" encourages us to look beyond the surface and understand the depth and complexity of each individual's story.

Early social learning is integral to human survival and societal development. Interactions with various entities, including family, school, friends, and organizations, contribute to our functional society.

No gene is inherently superior; their value depends on the context. Traits deemed "disabilities" today could be advantageous in the future, emphasizing the importance of genetic diversity in our survival strategy.

This diversity presents endless possibilities. Some individuals may lack social and economic acumen but possess remarkable artistic talents. Their unique perspective may isolate them in daily life, yet they can leave a lasting artistic legacy.

Art has the power to reshape our outlook, offering new perspectives on societal issues. This synergy between art, science, and culture drives progress. The "Locking Moon" brand will explore art, science, society, and spiritual themes, fostering discussions on salvation, forgiveness, and the interconnectedness of the universe.

Meaning of LockingMoon Logo

Locking Moon LOGO
Locking Moon LOGO

Five Elements: Represents nature's forces and life cycles.

Time: Emphasizes its continual flow and irreversible nature, possibly denoting salvation or reincarnation.

Möbius Belt: Signifies infinity and interconnectedness, showcasing boundless possibilities.

Black Hole: Symbolizes mystery and the uncharted.

Circle: Depicts both moon and earth, possibly connecting celestial and earthly elements.

Space: Represents limitless potential and adventure.

Quantum Mechanics: Alludes to the enigmatic nature of existence, mirroring a cosmic perspective.